Monday, August 5, 2013

All day kicking

I started feeling my sweet baby kick a few weeks ago but it was barely and off and on. Today, I’ve felt him move NONE STOP and I love it! :) I know a lot of people say all the kicking makes them feel uncomfortable but I absolutely love feeling him move. As a first time mom, a lot freaks me out. For example, when I can’t feel him, it freaks me out.

This was actually the perfect day for him to start moving like crazy because I felt extra large today. I was so frustrated when trying to get dressed this morning and the first two pairs of pants I put on didn’t fit comfortably. After I finally found something that I could breath in, I head downstairs in a really bitchy mood and then he started moving and it made me realize that me being uncomfortable is worth it.

I have to grow, I have to be a size I’ve never been before/not used to, and I have to get some bigger pants so I don’t go through this same ordeal daily.

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