Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Goodbye, Stress!

When I started my new job with a startup company back in May, I knew in the beginning a good portion of my time would be dedicated to staffing. As we draw closer and closer to our open day and the day my staff should be here, I began to stress a little because I just wasn’t having luck with applicants. Today though, I made my last offer. STAFFING IS OVER and I’m very happy with every single individual hired.

Today also happened to be the day that we had to pack up our office because at 8am tomorrow, we will be moving from a sales office to the our building! I can’t stress how happy this makes me because our set up in the sales office was less than ideal. It was a tiny store in a shopping center that the company I work for rented, and made into “offices”. We had seven people in an office the size of a frozen yogurt shop. <- I use that as an example because next door was a frozen yogurt shop and we had the same size suite as them. So, today, we scrambled to bubble wrap and pack. It amazes me that since May 6th, I’ve accumulated so much stuff.


It was also difficult to actually get any work done since half our stuff was packed early on. After a long, less than stellar day, it made me smile to come home to this sweet guy.


Stress is really bad for babies so I’m so happy that I don’t have any strict, make-or-break the opening of the building deadlines I have to meet anytime soon! I don’t want to go all Kim Kardashian and have him 5 weeks early.

In my quest to “be healthier” for my son, eating better, consuming more water, and not stressing are definitely top on my to-do list! Now if I could only get out of going to Minnesota next week…

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