Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Moving Day=Exhaustion

Well, the day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. MOVING DAY AT WORK! The movers got to our sales office at 8am to start loading everything up (we spent a lot of yesterday packing it all). I got to the office at 8:30ish and they told me everyone went to the community already (our permanent building) so I decided to head over there instead. When I walked into the community, I immediately noticed the beautiful decorations and also, the eight million people. Because the building isn’t quite done and has to be by Saturday, there are so many people working to complete the final details. The designers have a ton of work to do and they’re running around like crazy trying to complete it all in such a short time. They’re doing such a fabulous job though, here’s a sneak peak of one of the almost finished dining areas.


We toured the building again to see all the touches we haven’t seen in the past and to also try to familiarize ourselves with it. The building itself is MASSIVE and there are so many different wings and sections, I know I’ll have to carry a map around for a while. After the tour we started to get bored, the movers still weren’t there and we really couldn’t do anything until they brought at least our computers. Finally at 10:30 I decided to swing by the sales office to see how the progress was, or really, what the hold up was! When I walked in they said they had about 15 minutes of work left and needed someone to lock the door behind them.

Since Target is right across the street, I decided I needed to swing in to get a skinny decaf caffe mocha from Starbucks to pass the 15 minutes I had. When I returned, they were loading the last item so I locked the door and head to the community.

An hour later, still no movers.

Finally, an hour and a half later, they showed up. We told them we’d start letting them know where to put items at and they told us that their boss informed them to leave everything by the front and that’s it. We spent a lot of time yesterday labeling all the boxes so when we heard they were instructed to just leave it all, we were a bit frustrated.

Fast forward some and the boxes eventually got to the right place. I started unpacking my office and felt very overwhelmed because it was such a mess.

IMG_3452 IMG_4386

I dug my computer out because I had several deadlines to meet today and when our IT manager went to set everything up, it wouldn’t come on. Just my luck, I thought! He tried 4 or 5 different reboots but nothing worked and he eventually had to swap my computer out with another and I will be sending mine back tomorrow to get it looked at.

The problems don’t stop there though! The new computer turned on but, I couldn’t log in. When I finally left the office at 5:45, there were 2 IT people working to get some sort of network in my office so I can play catch up tomorrow and get some things done.

By the time I got home, I realized I sat down all off 30 minutes that day and my feet were killing me! Since I was home later than normal, Philip was already ready for the gym and I quickly changed and we high-tailed it there so we could get home asap for dinner since I was already starving. Evidently moving is exhausting and makes you hungry when you’re expecting! Now that I finally have food in me, watched Big Brother, and showered; it’s BED TIME.

I’m hoping to make it into work a bit early tomorrow to get some work done that I missed today.

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