Thursday, August 1, 2013

Gender Prediction

There are so many “gender prediction” quizzes out there along with a lot of old wives tales about the different things that happen if you’re pregnant with a boy or girl. I was dying to know what I was having so of course I looked up about a billion of them and took some quizzes but most of the time my quiz results said “50% chance it’s a boy/50% chance it’s a girl”. Oh really? Ya don’t say! So, now that I know I’m having a boy, I thought I’d go back and see what’s true for me and what is not.

According to the “facts” if you’re pregnant with a boy:

Your bump is low. – Correct!


Your babys heart beat is over 140 beats per minute. Correct! Right at 148 :)

Your skin gets better. – Mine didn’t get better, for sure. So, wrong!

You don’t have much nausea. – Correct! I was sick for 2 weeks, tops, but even then I wasn’t too miserable. A friend of mine pregnant with a girl due 19 days before me was sick for at least 3 straight months.

You crave more salt/sour than sweet. – I definitely want nothing to do with sweets so, right!

You have to shave your legs more often. – Correct! I definitely do, my leg hair grow backs like crazy :(  

You gain weight only in your stomach, not your hips/butt. – I feel like I’ve gained mostly in my hips :( So, wrong!

Your feet get colder. – Mine have! Right!

Being pregnant with a boy will make your nose increase in size. Wrong, mine is the same.

Boys make your chest grow. Correct, mine has grown for sure

On your first ultrasound, your boys will be to the right and girls will be to the left. – WRONG! Mine was on the left. This was had my mom convinced I was pregnant with a girl, she was kind of shocked when she found out he’s a boy ;)


It looks like most of the “tales” are right in my situation but I still don’t believe in all that ;)

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