Saturday, July 20, 2013

CarbaNada Pasta

I’ve been reading about CarbaNada pasta for a long time but tonight was the first time I’ve actually tried it. I was a little skeptical because on Amazon it’s around $4 which seemed like a lot for pasta and it’s not sold anywhere in stores near me, but I splurged and ordered it a week or so ago. I was surprised when I got the bag, it’s pretty big and I only cooked half of it tonight so that $4 isn’t seeming so bad anymore!

I didn’t let Philip in on what it was until after he was already eating it and he said it tasted exactly like normal pasta. With half the carbs and double the protein, I’ll take it!


Meatballs. Prego sauce. Lowfat Ricotta Cheese. CarbaNada noodles.

Definitely an easy dinner since you cook the noodles the same way you’d cook regular noodles. I just cooked the meatballs in a separate pan and added some ricotta cheese to the noodles while they were still warm.


Lookin’ completely normal here ;)

These will definitely be my go-to noodles when I’m craving pasta after the baby is here and I’m trying to lose the weight!

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