Saturday, July 27, 2013

IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!


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I’m so excited! We don’t have a name yet but we know his middle name will be Kingsley. Kingsley is a family name on the Bach side so we were excited to be able to continue the tradition!

It’s funny because in the beginning I had a “feeling” it was a boy but everyone kept telling me that I was having a girl so I started being very unsure. Looks like my mama intuition was right all along. I’ve also always wanted a boy, which I feel is probably “weird” too. I know most girls want daughters but from day 1 I was telling 2 friends of mine I want a boy.

This little guy of ours is pretty stubborn though. He kept holding his legs giving the ultrasound lady a hard time. I hope that isn’t a sign of what he’ll be like after birth!

We were thrilled when the doctor told us he has all his fingers and toes, his heartbeat is 148, and all of his markers look good. We have a healthy baby, which is the best news ever! :):)

Yesterday’s Food

Breakfast: 2 toaster strudels + milk + banana

Breakfast #2: maple and brown sugar oatmeal + yogurt


Lunch: 2 red peppers + cottage cheese + turkey “hotdog”


Snack: baked pb oatmeal bar (yum!!) + apple slices

Dinner: pepperoni and sausage calzone (birthday dinner at MPC!)

Dessert: frozen yogurt from menchies <- best frozen yogurt shop, ever!

In honor of my birthday yesterday (hello, 22!) we skipped the gym and watched movies after dinner. Now, I’m typing this up around this sweet angel.


Mom, Megan and I are about to start shopping and registering for the baby and I’m a little too excited.

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