Sunday, July 21, 2013

Listening to your body during pregnancy

I think one of the hardest parts about being pregnant has been learning to “listen” to my body and stop doing things that would typically feel easy to me. Today at the gym, my body was telling me to not do very easy sets that I use to crank out with no problem. For the most part, my workouts have been the same but only with MUCH less weight and today it just wasn’t meant to be a long workout. Since I did listen and cut my strength training short, my workout ended up looking like this:

lightchestandback When I first decided that I would stop and go bike the remainder of our time at the gym, I felt like I didn’t complete much and that it was a pointless workout but then I remembered something I heard on one of Tracy Anderson’s DVD’s  “You have to give up some of your results so that the baby is given the proper nutrition it needs”. This quote made me remember that I can’t push myself hard like I use to be able to or complete as many sets like I could before and that is perfectly okay because it’s better for my baby.

Pregnancy is definitely a huge adjustment but very worth it!

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