Monday, July 22, 2013

Today's Food.

I keep trying to keep track of all my food on my Caloriecounter app but since I cook often, inputting every single ingredient is becoming very annoying. Since I have pregnancy patience now and the purpose of that app was so that I could physically see (and remember) what I’ve had to ensure I’m eating enough/what I need, I’ve decided it’d be much easier to keep up with my food here instead!

Breakfast #1: Strawberry Banana Smoothie

IMG_0880 IMG_8177

· 1 banana

· 5 frozen strawberries

· 1 cup 2% milk

· 1 ½ tbsp. light strawberry cream cheese

· 1 container vanilla greek yogurt

Breakfast #2: 1 English muffin topped with 2 tbsp of nutella + a hot cup of tea (my caffeine for the day)


Lunch: leftover carbanada pasta with meatballs + 3 carrots + sparkling ice orange mango


Snack: 1 cup of cottage cheese

Dinner: 3 slices of pizza (I know, but it’s a craving!) + 1 sliced red pepper

Snack: TBD depending on if I’m hungry or not but I’m thinking a glass of milk is in my future!

Plus lots of water consumed throughout the day, 4 bottles at work I believe and 2 glasses at home.

In other news, after work today Philip and I toured a new gym that offers childcare and is really family oriented and we absolutely loved it! We’ll definitely be making the switch, we just aren’t sure if we’ll make it soon or after the baby is born.

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